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So I saw "Thor" today...

So I finally saw "Thor" this afternoon. (Random team-building thing at work, figured I might as well go as not...)

Short version: I had a fantastic time and am grinning all over the place now.

Long version, with MASSIVE SPOILERS, under the cut.

1: That is an incredibly PRETTY movie. Chris Hemsworth is gorgeous, so is guy-who-plays-Loki, so are most of the other people; the set design was stunning; the costuming is really awesomely epic and left me all aflail. They even did Loki's costume fairly like it was in the comics and it didn't look stupid. NOTHING looked stupid, and considering that this is a Marvel movie? ;-) Pretty darn good. I mock because ILU, Marvel.

2: The writing was fantastic. I did feel like Loki's sudden evilness toward the end kind of came out of thin air; it felt almost like I missed a few issues of his character development there. *g* But I think the trouble was that for the first hour they wrote him too dimensional and multi-layered and sympathetic, and then had trouble wrapping up his character motivation in time. Which is not the worst problem to have, and my brain is busy plotting the version where it worked better. XD

3: My Marvel!geek side was very happy. Chris Hemsworth looks startlingly like Marvel!Thor (there was just one shot where I was "oh right, he's a surfer or something, isn't he?" but the rest was OMG KIRBY ART COME ALIVE!); the Casket of Ancient Winters made me grin; the Warriors Three! And they did a Cannonball Special with Volstagg! Which is the wrong canon but still amuses me greatly. *g* And the bit about only the worthy being able to lift the hammer of Thor. I love that.

4: My Norse-myth!geek side was also very happy, once I got over the Unexpected Multiculturalism. (I mean, I like it when diverse cultures are represented in stuff - heck, I was the one cheering in "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" when they made Rhince a minotaur and put a faun on the crew, Lewis went way too human-centric for that book - but BLACK-HAIRED SIF LOLWUT. There's this whole myth about Sif's golden hair.)

Still and all, the Lady Sif was awesome! And soldierly! And not gratuitously sexified! (I was fair amused that all the Blatantly Gratuitous Eye Candy in this film was male - I hadn't been expecting that at all. And there was quite a lot of eye candy, too... *g* Did I mention Chris Hemsworth is gorgeous?)

Also HEIMDALL! ♥ I've been a Heimdall fangirl since seven years old, and I guess it shows, because I was squeeing all the way through every scene he had. THAT WAS EPICNESS OF EPIC. :D HEIMDALL.

5: Did I squee about the costuming yet? And the set design? And the special effects and general pretty? And the cool little canon-nods like "Dr Donald Blake" (lol) and the bit where Thor flies by throwing his hammer? And the really excellent writing? And THE RAINBOW BRIDGE, I had never even imagined anything that was like a convincing rainbow bridge, but that was it! :D

6: Also the skience and the fight-scenes and the SET DESIGN (steampunk apparently owns my soul) and Loki and the bit where the giant robot turned itself inside out around, and the way Thor starts out as a spoiled brat but then has Character Development and... I really did not expect his "plan" there to be "offer to let Loki kill me and hope he doesn't". That's simultaneously clever and adorably idiotic.

7: Also HEIMDALL. Who gets a bullet-point of his own because he is JUST THAT COOL. I squeaked when Loki froze him, I did. Because he and Loki kill each other at the end in myth!canon. 7-year-old!me may have cried when that happened. AND THEN HE UNFROZE HIMSELF AND SAVED THE DAY. *cheers*

(...I keep saying I don't have a "type". Well, physically, I don't. But "incorruptible and stubborn" or "loves kids" will get me like *snaps fingers* that. *g*)

There is probably more, but I've already spent far too long on this and I have a word count to make. *emus off*

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May. 21st, 2011 03:22 am (UTC)
I want to see this movie but I have absolutely no one to see it with. Curses.

Though... have I told you yet about how Thor asked me to hold his hammer outside a comic book store? It was simultaneously one the best and most awkward moments of my life.
May. 25th, 2011 04:08 pm (UTC)
You don't have to see a good movie with someone! *mantra* (My whole family all likes different movies. *g*)

Heeeee, that would be awesome! And awkward. But very cool.
May. 21st, 2011 08:03 am (UTC)
Oooh, I saw that a few weeks ago! I really enjoyed watching it, but it wasn't the most brilliant film I've seen this year. But then, of course, I haven't read any Marvel comics, so I'm missing out on all the in-jokes, haha. It looked very pretty indeed! Also, the eye candy, hahaa XD
May. 21st, 2011 09:32 am (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it! I saw it about two weeks ago being a massive Marvel Nerd and a huge Avengers fan! I liked it mainly because unlike Iron Man 2 (which piled in tons of setting up Avengers stuff which distracted somewhat from the plot of that film) this movie felt nicely self contained enough whilst putting in the Avenger material more gently. Great film - Loki and Thor were both brilliantly cast as was Odin (Yay, Hopkins!) and the Warriors Three (save Hogun, who did nothing of any consequence).

Now, here's hoping the rumours about Enchantress and Executioner for Thor 2 are true! And Beta-Ray Bill! :)
Jun. 7th, 2011 02:16 am (UTC)
...derekmetaltron, right? (Heeee, now I'm imagining Nyssa reading Marvel comics in the TARDIS library... *g*)
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