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Signal boost!

Calling all Whovians, Wholigans, and other fans of Doctor Who! ;-) calufrax, the Doctor Who rec-a-day(-ish) comm on LiveJournal (affiliated with the A Teaspoon and an Open Mind archive), is running out of reccers!

I mean it. They're so short on signed-up reccers that the mod's decided to take the comm to an every-other-week status, just to postpone the day when there is NOBODY LEFT. This is a horrible fate for a rec-a-day comm, so I am asking y'all to do two things. Please.

1: Even if you can't sign up to rec, for whatever reason - if you like reading Who fic, or if you have Doctor Who fans on your flist, please signal-boost this call for help all you can! You never know who (I amuse myself) will respond.

2: If you possibly can, sign up to rec for a week. It doesn't take much effort:

  1. Go read fic on Teaspoon. Find awesome fics.

  2. Check the author tags on Calufrax. Identify four to seven of your awesome fics that have not yet been recced.

  3. Make a list. (It is preferred that you mix up story types, Doctors, companions, or shows a bit - so as not to have seven Ten/Rose fics in a row or such.)

  4. Join Calufrax. (This is so you can see the sign-up post.) You'll need an LJ account, but I know a lot of people double and just split their reading lists, so I'm posting to both sites.

  5. Go to the sign-up post, linked at the upper right corner of the comm's front page, and comment saying you'd like to sign up to rec.

  6. The mod will answer and tell you what week you will rec. If you can't rec that week, you can change it.

  7. Write up posts about "Why This Fic Is Awesome" for each of your fics.

  8. When your reccing week comes, post your posts! One per day if you chose seven fics, one every other day if you only picked four, or something in between.

  9. Obsessively stalk the review counts on the stories you recced to see how many people commented as a result of your rec.

(That last item isn't required, but everyone does it anyway. *g*)

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May. 9th, 2011 10:51 pm (UTC)
So, I noticed someone new signing up to rec, put 2+2 together, and found this post. Thank you very much for promoting the comm! Hopefully it'll help.
May. 10th, 2011 01:47 am (UTC)

You're welcome! (Although I do hope somebody picks up the signal-boost meme as well as the reccing, or this will be of very limited help.)

(...oh gosh, now I'm going to be obsessively stalking the sign-up post to see who signs up, aren't I? LOL! *g*)
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