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Sticky post!

I can haz sticky post!

Link to my master fic list (rather outdated atm, try the fic tag for more recent stuff)

Link to my crossovers100 challenge table

Link to my mundane_bingo table (You know what? I'm quitting. NONE of these is inspiring me at all.)

At some point I plan to do a master list of my LOLs (ETA: LJ Scrapbook is a royal pain, so don't hold your breath), and if/when I ever get around to doing screencap posts or picspams, I'll link them here too.

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A heads-up

Okay, I've changed my journal. Most of you have already gotten a friending notification from the new one. Anyone who hasn't, or people who stumble across this journal a ways down the road and want to catch my more recent fic / rambles / etc (who are the main target of this post)... please, feel free to PM me for the new name. (I'm still getting notifications from this journal.)

(And I may be randomly commenting under either name for the rest of this week, as with my usual tidiness *lol* I've switched just at the beginning of my calufrax reccing stint and the mod isn't around to give my new journal posting access. o_O And most of my icons are the same, so odds are I'll forget which LJ I'd logged in as.)

Re: the post mood: WOW. I'd forgotten how much work setting up a new journal is. And I haven't even put up a mood theme or most of my icons yet... O_O
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A quick meme

From [personal profile] pitry: Go look at your journal. Find the last fandom-related thing you posted. The characters in that post are now your team-mates in the Zombie Apocalypse. How much trouble are you in?

Mine are the Monkees. My initial thought was "I'm dead", but on consideration... if I'm on the show, the zombie apocalypse probably consists of running around bopping zombies on the head to a hit tune and ends with making friends with them and having a marshmallow roast or something. Very like the Gilligan's Island zombie apocalypse, really. ;-)

(Is it bad that I am now trying to pick which Monkees song should be made into a zombie apocalypse fanvid? *g* Or, as I can't vid, a songfic. o_O Some part of me wants to go back to my roots and write silly zombie apocalypse fic for many of my fandoms now.)


On another, completely irrelevant note: the 1974 taped-from-stage version of King Lear with James Earl Jones is quite good so far. I'm only an hour through it (yay Netflix streaming), but it's making a heck of a lot more sense than reading the written play - which is usually Not The Case with me.

Also the B-plot has a very young René Auberjonois in it. Is there a "predictable" mood choice? ;P

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For the attention of writerly types

Incidentally, LiveJournal's picowrimo is kicking off a "mini" July round in two days.

Pico, if you didn't know, is a "write stuff in a month" comm. It usually runs in November. It is unlike NaNo in that you set your own goal - 500 words, 50 words, "a sentence a day", "SOMETHING"... whatever. Write more than you would have otherwise: You Win. XD

The reason I love it particularly is Collapse )

I'm hoping to work mainly on polishing and rewriting my MaNo novel, as well as finishing off the other stuff I have in progress (such as the SG-1!Friendathon story that received a sudden and unexpected Piece Of Research the other day in the form of my first motorcycle ride... *happyface*)

(Personal goal: stop meandering. I got in the habit during MaNo, and should now get out again.)

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In which I flail incoherently

So... forty-five years ago or thereabouts, a slightly insane group of TV execs playing on the success of the Beatles put together a band consisting of a British ex-jockey, a former child actor, a hippie guitarist who'd been washing dishes in a coffee-house, and the guy whose mother invented Liquid Paper.

Last night the Monkees' latest reunion tour came to South Bend, Indiana, and by a ridiculous string of lucky happenstances, my mom and I landed centre-orchestra seats for a grand total of less than $27 each. XD

It was awesome. I chose not to bring my camera (I have this thing where if I'm taking pictures I'm not really paying attention to what's happening at the moment, and I wanted to enjoy the show), so there are no pictures, but there is much FLAILSQUEE under the cut.

Collapse )

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Two unrelated things

1: ONOES! Peter Falk and "Gentleman" Gene Colan both just died. O_O 2011, this is getting ridiculous. :-(

2: I'm taking my mum to see the Monkees LIVE IN CONCERT next week. She was one of the original horde of Davy Jones fangirls in the '60s, and I'm a big fan myself, so. (We're bringing earplugs, because I for one am going to turn into SUCH A SQUEEING FANGIRL! *g*)

(Note to 2011: These two things had DANG WELL BETTER remain unrelated in any and all possible ways. Y/Y?)

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J'onn J'onzz


Er. Anyone interested in beta-reading 1585 words of Sam/Bra'tac friendship fic (SG-1, obvs) on a prompt of "gender roles"? There is staff weapon fighting, knitting, and motorcycling involved. I'm mainly concerned about pacing, clarity of the action scenes, and characterization. (Canon continuity isn't a huge issue, as it's, um... missing-scene fic for a nonexistent episode. Er, yeah. o_O It's somewhere in S4/S5...)

The way I usually do this is to put the fic up as an entry in a filtered locked post, so only the beta and I can see it, and have the beta comment. If a potential beta would rather I e-mailed the Word doc, I can do that too - just let me know which.

On a related note, I do not seem able to write SG-1 fic that has not got knitting in it, except for that one Siler drabble. This fact amuses me. *g*

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A random meme

The book I am reading: Lord of the Rings. Finally started that re-read. (Er, to be honest, I'm typing the whole b****y thing out by hand... otherwise I'd be skimming the whole first book and bogging down in the Council of Elrond as usual. It is scary how much of it I'm not having to actually look at my paper copy to type.)

The book I am writing: I think you guys are bored enough of this one. ;P (Skyler, I will answer your comment, I'm just slow at formulating my thoughts clearly.)

The book I love most: Lord of the Rings. Duh. ;-) I've got a few front-runners for second, but... yeah.

The last book I received as a gift: Er. Couldn't say. People giving me books is a sadly rare event. XD

The last book I gave as a gift: Really couldn't say. People asking me for books is an even rarer event.

The nearest book on my table: I'm at the library. Ironically, there are no books in my line of sight. *insert rant about modern libraries, or at least libraries in this town, here*

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sunny TARDIS field

SG-1 Friendship Genficathon prompt claiming!

I know I don't have a whole lot of 'Gate writers on my flist/dwircle (good grief that's a weird word), but I'm mentioning this anyway:

LJ's sg1friendathon i.e. the Stargate SG-1 Friendship Genficathon (whew *g*) now has 172 prompts up for claiming in their prompt post right here.

Prompts are first-come-first-served, and they're going fairly fast (I snaffled "Sam/Bra'tac friendship, gender roles", which ought to be interesting at least); stories are due August 1, word minimum is 1000. C'mon in, the water's fine! ;-)

...yes, I signed up for a ficathon with a thousand-word minimum. Me, who didn't even hit my 300-word goal for Clocket's help_haiti piece. O_O I guess winning MaNo has pickled my brain a bit. ;-)

*needs to do a Bra'tac watchathon* *although it's really Sam who's kicking my tail atm*

(Yes, I am working on everything else I need to be working on too! *pets flist* lol)

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MM big dang hero


I WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTE. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote! And now there are 50,025 words of story about Mort and James and their nieces and nephews. And I am exhausted. *g*

Collapse )

Also: PARTAY!!!!! I am just a little bit too frazzled to fetch Tuxodo (sorry, tuxedo!Odo) over here from my LJ scrapbook, and I am going to bed now, but PARTY TIEM. Drinks for everyone! Or whatever.

*falls over whump* ;-)

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